August 27, 2017 marks an important day for me. One that I did not expect at all. Just two days from the 29th, almost 8 years ago — I truly experienced a personal encounter with God, my born again experience. Well, fast forward 8 years… God is still working on me and doing some incredible things on my heart.

    Not too long ago, I ended a relationship I’ve been in for quite some time. Our relationship had its ups and downs and we both mutually decided it was time to end the relationship. Since the time of the break up, God began a healing work in my heart. I wouldn’t be where I am mentally and physically if it weren’t for my little community group who prayed for me. For my church who spiritually fed me. And for every single person who listened to my story and prayed for me.

    Yesterday — in the middle of a beautiful sermon from Philippians 4, at Door of Hope in Portland, OR — the Holy Spirit did something so beautiful in me. I literally burst out crying right in the middle of the sermon and I could not stop crying.

    It was a beautiful cry.

    A cry that spoke of chains being broken, a divided heart returning to her Beloved, a heart that needed to know she already had a Lover. One that knew her heart better than any man could. In fact, this Lover was her husband and He was quite surprisingly jealous for her.

    A lover that wants no rival.

    He embraced her and began to fill her heart with peace. A peace that surpasses all understanding. A peace that no one can truly describe or put into the right words.

    This message is a message to all the beautiful and single humans. I want to remind you… you do have someone that loves you — flaws and all. He has been there all along. And He loves you with a love that will never compare to what a human can give you. You are more than enough for Him. He will never lie to you, He will never put your body down or expect you to look a certain way for Him to love you. He will never expect you to wear a certain outfit that will make Him attracted to you. He will not lead you to sin. He will not make you doubt His love for you. He will protect you, adore you and fill all the void in your heart that you have been trying to fill up with people, experiences and materialistic things. He loves you just the way you are and He doesn’t expect you to change a thing.

    And yes — the weird little quirks, too.

    That’s the love you have been missing out on while trying to search for a human who you thought could give you all that.

    He is waiting for you. Come back to Him. He has been here all along. Waiting for you. Ready to dance with you and take you on a love journey that you will never forget.

    Will you go?




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    Liana!! this is so so so beautiful. i needed to hear a lot that. it’s amazing !
    thank you. God bless you. ♡

    oh my goodness Lee.
    I love your way with words, you have a gift!
    P.S can I…… get paid to advertise your blog? Is that a thing????

    This is exactly what my heart needed!! Thank you for being so brave and open. Our God is so good. He is never late and never early. His timing is perfect.
    May he bless you greatly!!

    So beautifully written Liana! Love it 🙂

    Love this, thank you for sharing. Keep writing because you are truly an inspiring young lady! God bless you ❤️

    Aw, thank you so much Anna. That is so sweet of you. I sincerely appreciate the encouragement ❤️

    Love you and love this

    This is so beautiful. Married, I know how miserable I would be if I relied on my husband for that unconditional, never-failing, always present love. I do not mean to put my husband down in any way (he would be just as miserable to rely on me), I just know who my God is – the most wonderful Lover of all.

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