On Your Wedding Day

In the six (6) years that I’ve been able to photograph and capture weddings, I’ve gathered a list for my future brides of notes and tips that will help you get the most best and beautiful photos of your special day. Remember: Little details mean everything.

Light is everything. Seriously.

Get ready in a well-lit room that has window light flooding in. The most ideal lighting would be a room with large windows and enough light coming in through the windows to light the room evenly with the lights off (lights on creates weird shades in photos). No fluorescent sent or yellow lighting, please. It doesn’t matter how good your photographer is. Bad light = bad photos. Consider an airbnb, and if you use my link you’ll save $35 on your first booking.

Pay attention to detail. Like the hanger your dress will hang on.


You have such a beautiful dress for the day and when we take photos of it on a plastic hanger from the store, it totally kills the vibe. Take care of your dress and hang it pretty. Here’s some lovely hanger ideas:

Balinese Carved Wood Hanger

French Market Hanger

Personalized Hanger

Prepare all details for photographer in one box/area.

Don’t have your photographer running around looking for your perfume, shoes, jewelry and other details like bouquet. Have it all ready so that your photographer can spend time photographing and styling your memories. Include sentimental details like letters from your man, journals of prayers you kept while dating, gifts that matter to you from him, etc. Anything to make the details your own and unique from the rest.

Make sure each bridesmaid knows her duty.

This is so important. Make sure each maid knows what she is supposed to help with on your special day. Don’t expect the maid of honor to do everything and know where everything is. This causes so much chaos. Give each maid a duty and make it clear. This will save you a lot of frustration. Trust. Me. Also, make sure the bridesmaids find their own makeup artist. Have your own so that your makeup artist can fully pay attention to you and beautify just you, as you deserve.

Hope this was a little helpful. Happy wedding planning!